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"The merging of climate change with public health was formalised in 2021 by then UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, when he announced the creation of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)."



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NEW article for @Whitney Webb UnlimitedHangout SDG 3 promises to “ensure healthy lives” via global healthcare delivered by UHC2030. It actually delivers debt-based neocolonialism and oppressive global governance by a global public-private partnership.…

Sustainable Development Goal 3 promises to “ensure healthy lives.” However, the UN-backed body poised to deliver this promise, UHC2030, instead offers debt-based neocolonialism and oppressive global...…

UHC2030:The United Nations' Global Public-Private Partnership For Healthcare

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"UKHSA has taken over the function of Public Health England, NHS Test and Trace and the Joint Biosecurity Centre. Its surveillance systems are all pervasive. Practically everything is a potential public health threat"

Maggie Throup, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Vaccines and Public Health is also the secretary for the APPG on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss – Co-Chair of the APPG Fills ya with confidence, doesn't it?…

LORD JOHN SAINSBURY DEAD John's daughter married Elizabeth Butler-Sloss's son his brother Tim is ex-President Tory Friends of Israel. Tim's son is pals with GHISLAINE. Tim's daughter wed CHILDLINE's co-founder. Tim joint-funded Butrint with his business partner JACOB ROTHSCIHLD

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"The Human Trafficking Foundation provides the secretariat to the APPG, and the Foundation's Chairman, Anthony Steen was elected Special Adviser to the group. "…

From that Guardian article ☝️ : "In one of Europe's principle hubs of trafficked men and women – the port of Odessa in southern Ukraine – charities have demanded more resources to combat traffickers." 🤔…

Dame Jenny Harries is Chief Executive of UKHSA… "She played central roles in the UK’s response to COVID, Ebola, Zika, monkeypox, MERS and the Novichok attacks." Novichok attacks?

"Dr Jenny Harries said "rigorous scientific analysis" had shown traces of the agent in The Mill pub in the Maltings and Zizzi on Castle Street." Uh huh..……

Bishops Mill is owned by brewer and pub company Greene King…… Philip Yea -Chairman (2016 to 2019) "Philip Yea was a senior business adviser to Prince Andrew CEO, 3i Group plc, 2005-09" 3i ? Why that's another 🍕Express connection. What a coincidence…

Back to UHC2030 article: "Alongside [Ruchika] Singhal, the VP of US-based Medtronic Labs, .. sits Edward Booty, CEO of Allied World Asia (AWA). Together, Mr Singhal and Mr Booty represent the private sector stakeholders on the UHC-G3P Steering Committee."…

"AWA is the Asian arm of Fairfax Holdings’ Allied World global insurance business. Allied World provide professional medical indemninty insurance to “health care consultants and companies that provide consulting services to health care facilities.”"…

Rather than a board of trustees the UHC-G3P has the Political Advisory Panel (PAP) The former Norwegian PM, Gro Harlem Brundtland, was a founding member of PAP. She is an avid eugenicist who firmly believes in elitist supremacy and population control, meaning population reduction

"Brundtland is a long-standing member of the influential globalist think-tanks the the Club of Madrid and the Trilateral Commission and is a founding member of the powerful think-tank, the Elders. .."

"n 1987, Brundtland was the chair and lead author of one of the foundational documents for sustainability, Our Common Future. This report has been credited with coining the term “sustainable development.”"… …… 🤔

"The commitment to population reduction is central to “sustainable development.” .. The “painful choices” will only be painful for some. The “political will” to reduce population will be exercised by those who define “the population problem” as they wish. .."

"The UHC-G3P for SDG 3 is effectively led by people who are ideologically wedded to the idea of reducing the global population and centralising their global authority over everyone. "…



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