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Sep 23

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#SURFACING From The Deep—7Th Heaven & LOVE .. Down Is Up—I Love her scars & will do whatever it takes for her … #YEN LEFT. #S. RIGHT. Y I Forgive You & Love you! The Last Petal 🌹

I Truly don’t want any of it, it’s all been turned into one big SHAME OF THRONES & does nothing but bring pain .. So many will fight getting to the promise land not caring who they hurt or defend the gates as “gate keepers” deciding who is “worthy”—When many who

defend/Fight aren’t “worthy” themselves. . The one who just wants to give it all away, let everyone in & give everyone what they want —The people choose all that distracts them, their TV’s, phones, Government, politicians, money, fame & whatever else that ultimately will destroy

this world. The one who wants nothing to do with any of it just wants to be able to TRULY LIVE, have A Home to call his own, A family & chance to help as many people/kids in need little to none of these these corrupt politicians/Billionaires/millionaires don’t give A shit about!

[They] all purposely make it to where I have no choice but to accept my place where I’m supposed to be, all because of where I come form .. Even when I truly don’t want anything to do with ANY OF IT because this world has chosen to collectively do things their own corrupt ways &

The things everyone is supposed to do, very few are choosing to do with their own free will .. Why does there have to be An “EBS” or A World Wide BLACKOUT for anything to matter? Why does it have to come down to Manifesting Storms throughout the world that would bring flooding

Like the world has never seen before … None of it has to happen either, it could all be over right this very second, Tomorrow, the next day or the day after that but THE PEOPLE choose to keep going round & round collectively. Those who know how to make it stop, try to show

Others what to do, they aren’t taken seriously or are judged for showing everyone .. Most of the stars/“influencers” continue entertaining what’s happening up on the world stage in the areas of life that ultimately continue causing the people to do the exact opposite of what

Everyone could be doing, which makes it all stop & YOU THE PEOPLE GET EVERYTHING YOU WANT +++ MORE ! Why when THE PEOPLE collectively choose the route of flooding & natural disasters that could have Been/CAN BE prevented if THE PEOPLE would just do what God asks of them, why

Do fingers get pointed at God to blame for all of it? Mostly Everyone fights for attention in some way, fights for God, Fights against God or is A “Gate Keeper” trying to decide who is worthy or not worthy—The 1 thing everyone can do that opens up the door for ALL to run

Through so NO ONE has to be A “Gate keeper” anymore & no one has to stay stuck in the same Groundhog Day loop fighting the same ol’ endless wars—Collectively no one chooses to do that 1 thing, be A voice to the people SHOWING the people what they can do to make it all stop or

most don’t even know what to do so they continue being lead by the blind l, being blind Themselves. Continuously entertaining The parts of the world stage that ultimately will cause the people to destroy themselves & this world .. #Surrender To God—

I AM … Shane Browningd G k


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