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Awakening is through Raja Yoga yoga & development of an equi-poised mind. This is the total merging of individual consciousness with super consciousness. Occurs by a sequential process of concentration, meditation & communion; experience of union with the absolute or supreme.

All the practices of raja yoga, preceded by hatha yoga, bring about very durable experiences, but they can lead to a state of complete depression, in which you do not feel like doing anything. #yoga #Spirituality

Raja yoga way is very difficult as it requires time, patience, discipline, perseverance. Concentration of mind is a tough thing for modern man to achieve. It can't be undertaken before mind has been stabilized, karmas deactivated, emotions purified through karma & bhakti yogas.

It is the nature of the mind to remain active all the time, and this constitutes a very real danger for people of our time, because when we try to concentrate the mind we create a split. Therefore, most of us should only practice concentration up to a certain point. #yoga

Awakening through raja yoga affects changes in aspirant. He may transcend hunger & addictions or habits. Sensualities of life stop appealing, hunger & sexual urge diminish, detachment develops spontaneously. Raja yoga brings about a slow transformation of consciousness. #yoga

Sixth method of awakening kundalini is through pranayam. When a sufficiently prepared aspirant practises pranayam in a calm, cool & quiet environment, preferably at high altitude, with a diet only sufficient to maintain life, kundalini awakening happens like an explosion. #yoga

In fact, the awakening is so rapid that kundalini ascends to sahasrara immediately. Pranayama is not only a breathing exercise or a means to increase prana in the body; it is a powerful method of creating yogic fire to heat the kundalini and awaken it. #yoga #Kundalini

However, if it is practiced without sufficient preparation, this will not occur because the generated heat will not be directed to proper centers. Therefore, jalandhara, uddiyana and moola bandhas are practiced to lock the prana in and force it up to the frontal brain. #yoga

When pranayama is practised correctly, the mind is automatically conquered. However, the effects of pranayama are not that simple to manage. It creates extra heat in the body, it awakens some of the centers in the brain & it can hinder production of sperm & testosterone. #yoga

Pranayama may also lower the temperature of the inner body and even bring down the rate of respiration and alter the brain waves. Unless you have practised shatkarmas first & purified the body to a degree, when these changes take place, you may not be able to handle them. #yoga

There are 2 important ways of awakening kundalini - one direct, other indirect. Pranayama is the direct method. The experiences it brings about are explosive & results are attained very quickly. Expansion is rapid, mind attains quick metamorphosis. #yoga #Kundalini

However, this form of kundalini awakening is always accompanied by certain experiences, and for one who is not sufficiently prepared mentally, philosophically, physically and emotionally, these experiences can be terrifying. #yoga #Kundalini

Therefore, although the path of pranayama is a jetset method, it is drastic and is considered to be a very difficult one that everybody cannot manage. Kriya yoga -The seventh method of inducing awakening is kriya yoga. #yoga #Kundalini

It is the most simple and practical way for modern day man as it does not require confrontation with the mind. Sattvic people may be able to awaken kundalini through raja yoga, but those who have a tumultuous, noisy, rajasic mind will not succeed this way. #yoga #Kundalini

They will only develop more tensions, guilt and complexes, and may even become schizophrenic. For such people kriya yoga is by far the best and most effective system. #yoga #Kundalini

When you practise kriya yoga, kundalini doesn't wake up with force, nor does it awaken like a satellite or as a vision or experience. It wakes up like a noble queen. Before getting up she will open her eyes, then close them again for a while. #yoga #Kundalini

Each time she stretches and looks around she says, 'Hmmm'. This is what happens in kriya yoga awakening. Sometimes you feel very grand and sometimes you don't feel quite right. #yoga #Kundalini

Sometimes you pay too much attention to the things of life and sometimes you think everything is useless. Sometimes you eat extravagantly & sometimes you don't eat for days together. Sometimes you have sleepless nights and at other times you do nothing but sleep & sleep. #yoga

All these signs of awakening and reversion, awakening and reversion keep coming every now and then. Kriya yoga does not create an explosive awakening. However, it can bring visions etc, very mild and controllable . #yoga #Kundalini



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