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Sep 23, 2022
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"I spent thirty seconds at the second. Officer: You be Uber? Me: No. it’s my personal car. Officer: Find me something na. Me: I no get anything. Officer: See as you fine. Find me something na. Me: (silence). Officer: Oya, dey go" - Ben Hundeyin, PRO Lagos Police

There's everything wrong with the social experiment of the PRO. The wrong-ness lies at two levels: 1. Though he cautioned that his tweets don't in any way invalidate the behaviour of police officers; but in actual sense, his tweets do the exact opposite that he cautioned against
2. Mr Hundeyin oversimplified the problem of police harassment. Let me take the second. Harassment is borne out of police profiling of youths and stereotypical behaviour towards the youth demography. Hundeyin should know that a older man spotting grey beards
, whose eyes and bridge of the nose are adorned with rimless glasses is likely to have a drive through checkpoints, with all courtesy and compliment extend to him. Same can't be said for a twenty-someting who wears dreadlocks. His social experiment objective is thus dubious.
On the excerpted quote on Police officers seeking "anything from the boys" in the course of performing their official duties, Mr Hundeyin took it as a problem to be treated lightly. In his own words, he smiled. Can you beat that? Here lies the problem I often tweet about:
Our senior police officers don't even know/understand our laws or the code of conduct which guides the operations of the police. If Mr Hundeyin understood the Police Code of Conduct, he would not have smiled at police officers who breached the Integrity Rule of @Nigeria Police Force
The Code of Conduct for police officers demands that all officers must avoid conducts that compromise the integrity of the police and undercut public confidence in the Force... He didn't see anything wrong in the BABIALA attitude of his colleagues. Too bad. So sad.
Again, I restate what I've always expressed here: these senior police officers have to return to the Police College for refresher courses. Good morning from the sanctum sanctorum of the shrine.
Dr Great Oracle

Dr Great Oracle

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