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Sep 23

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Just debated a leftist stranger on abortion for 3 hours. It amazes me how unhinged and emotional EVERY leftist woman still is about the subject. I haven’t met a single one that can debate it logically and objectively in the composed manner that women on the right can.

I think it’s far past the point of agree to disagree. We’re dealing with people with a far inferior intelligence, low emotional iq, and a total lack of self awareness.

I find it fascinating how quickly the conversation devolves into “you’re a man, so you don’t even get a say!” I actually think it’s a byproduct of young women being infantilized and coddled in our society since 1990. They truly cannot conceptualize a man not pandering to them.

When I’m accused of mansplaining, I bring up what pro life women like @Morgan Zegers 🇺🇸 or @Isabel Brown or @autumn higashi think on the subject, and there’s never an intelligent challenge to the idea that abortion actually allows men to avoid their reproductive responsibilities.

A GIGANTIC part of my migration from being pro-choice to hardcore pro-life is the deep amount of reflection and thought that conservative women have put into their perspective, and the articulate and measured way they share it. They have no intellectual equals on the left.

Josh Denny


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