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Sep 23

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Have you been struggling to verify your ID on Coursera? This thread is for you. RT so others can see. You don't have your permanent voter's card,NIN & international passport yet? And Coursera isn't approving your monochrome NIN. Alright! Step 1: download the NIMC app Thread....

I forgot to mention you'll need 2 phones for this(one phone to verify your Coursera ID and another to download the NIMC app)...use a high resolution phone for clear pictures Step 2. Input the necessary details and click on "view my ID" or something along that line..

3. Take a picture of the ID and for the back,take a picture of the qr code. This may not work the first time but keep on trying. It will eventually...took me 2 trials --If these steps don't work. Take a picture of the digital ID on the app...crop out the front and the qr code..

...the qr code seperately. Then snap each, one by one for verification. - If this doesn't work still, go to d nearest print shop to print out a coloured version of the ID. I think it costs 1k or 1k2 to print from the app. After printing,take pictures & you're good to go😌. RT



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