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Sep 23, 2022
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"If you feel burnt-out, read this" Psychology Thread

Firstly, here's signs you're burnt-out: • Exhausted • Feel hopeless • Feel unmotivated • Feel overwhelmed • You're not enjoying life • Always feel tired/down • Constant negative thoughts Here's 6 ways to recover from burn-out and start feeling energized:
1. Set boundaries Many people struggle to say no when being asked to take on extra work. Saying "No" more will: • Give you more time • Allow you to take time alone • Make less people taking advantage of you This will help reduce the chances of burnout.
2. Create a habit of journaling Journaling has proven to be an excellent emotional decompressor. Creating the habit might take some time. But the results will naturally teach you how to recover from mental exhaustion.
3. Follow a healthy diet Eating fresh, wholesome meals can boost your immunity. It will also make you less vulnerable to stress and fatigue. Foods for nutrition and energy: • Oats • Eggs • Yoghurt • Avocados • Cinnamon • Nuts + Seeds • Leafy greens (Spinach)
4. Create a healthy sleep schedule Not getting enough sleep due to stress poses threats to physical strength, mental focus, and emotional stamina. Aim for 7-9 hours per night. Tips: • Meditate • Turn off all lights • Use blackout curtains • No screens 2 hours before bed
5. Learn stress management techniques Everyone processes stress differently. Stress management techniques such as; • Exercise • Meditation • Nature walks • Mindful breathing Can only help if you give them a try.
6. Soft exercise Exercise like; • Yoga • Walking • Swimming Are not too hard on the body but still allow the blood to get flowing and release good hormones in your body. This will make you feel energized rather than tired.
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