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Sep 23

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(1/5)Mr. Sebastian Groth, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Kenya, yesterday officially handed over, Discover 2.0 Microwave Synthesizer to the School of Chemistry and Material Science. @GermanEmbassyNairobi

(2/5)The equipment was purchased through funding from the @BMBF in partnership with @Auswärtiges Amt to support of Dr. Lucy Ombaka’s research work in Renewable Energy, specifically on the production of green Hydrogen

(3/5)Dr. Ombaka undertook a 4yr post-doctoral studies, at @Leibniz Uni Hannover, Germany, under the @Humboldt-Stiftung Georg Forster Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.She proceeded to write a competitive proposal for instrument subsidy, which was successfully awarded funding to buy the equipment

(4/5) The Discover 2.0 Microwave Synthesizer, is a high-performance equipment used to synthesize inorganic and organic compounds e.g nano particles with precision, high yields, short reaction times and high productivity, hence a valuable research equipment

(5/5)Also in attendance:- Prof. Paul Shiundu, DVC ASA, Prof. Alfred Orina, DVC, Research & Technology Development, Prof. Paul Wambua, DVC Institutional Advancement & Enterprise, Prof. Francis Gatheri, Executive Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology, & Dr. Geoffrey Otieno

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