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🧵1/ Except, technology is a double-edged sword. A hammer can be used to bang a nail into a piece of wood, or it can be used to kill someone. It all depends on the person holding the hammer and their intentions. Technology is only as good or bad as the people using it.

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Education is the path out of poverty and Internet access enables education

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2/ Education, therefore, can easily become indoctrination and, in combination with the internet, can enslave the mind, leading to exploitation and self-destruction of the individual over time. Empty slogans like 'education' mean nothing without larger context and what you ..

3/ actually want to put into people's heads. If you are not careful, your 'education' may indeed be a way out from poverty but, at the same time, right into bondage that you cannot see, taste, or smell. This is precisely how most well-intentioned, virtuous, and 'educated' ..

4/ people (scientists, doctors, engineers, among countless other professions) are fooled, as their skills, tools, and inventions can easily be put into the opposite of what they initially intended. This is how The Party takes over the mind. All their actions are disguised ..

5/ under an umbrella of virtue, selfless help, benefit of the poor, saving lives, protecting the disadvantaged and vulnerable, and providing collective good and convenience for families, societies, and humanity itself. The modus operandi of The Party is rooted ..

6/ in psychological inversion. They invert everything they can, with the primary goal being the altering of perception of reality by individuals. It is a truly bizarre sight to witness but exceptionally successful in its approach, as current and past history has proven.

7/ Once you can see it, it is impossible to unsee it. People have no clue how deep this rabbit hole goes. This is precisely why the dissidence movement hasn't been able to accomplish anything of substance against the global agenda deployed by The Party.



Born of chaos, a lone wanderer amongst the blind, a lone wolf amongst the sheep, that wishes to devour the shepherd who keeps all in line.

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