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50 billion in tax cuts that only benefit the rich, whilst bankrupting the rest of the country. Make it make sense! 馃憦trickle馃憦down馃憦economics馃憦don鈥檛馃憦work!馃憦 To put into perspective what the real world is like. Here鈥檚 my ward that I live in (& grew up in these stats)& represent

鈿狅笍 50% households earn less than 20k a year. 鈿狅笍 child poverty is 31.5% compared to the England rate of 17.1% 鈿狅笍 older people living in poverty 22.8% compared with England 14.2% (both probs higher % now)

馃棧 People were already needed financial help by @CitizensAdvice way before huge increases across everything but esp energy. Even tho it鈥檚 鈥渃apped鈥, it鈥檚 still too much 馃挵 馃崕馃崪I now have 4 separate foodbanks operating for just 1 ward. Asda is limiting cheap food per customer馃崕馃崪

馃There is no youth provision other than some sports 鈿斤笍 (trying to fix this but need some funding to pay someone with youth work qualifications) 馃洕Our playgrounds are older than me & as tired as me! 鈾匡笍 disabled folks can鈥檛 afford to go to day centres. Carers get no respite馃槪

馃彙 Got high % of folks being made homeless from private landlords & needing to escape domestic violence & wanting council houses but there鈥檚 none. 馃彙 many won鈥檛 be able to buy the 鈥渁ffordable houses鈥 built on current poor wages & price increases & debts incurred.

馃懏 we鈥檝e lost loads of police officers. My ward sits in the North of Donx that doesn鈥檛 have its own team. (This is to change {hopefully} next year.) ASB & crime grows & makes building nice things & peoples sense of security harder. 馃毃I could go on & on & on鈥

I鈥檝e picked this up from 12yrs of Tory underfunding across every major institution. We鈥檝e been asset stripped. 馃摎Less libraries. 馃毇No youth clubs, 鉁忥笍no after school stuff. 馃┖Poor GPs working flat out due to the extra work this slow damage does to peoples lives & communities.

There is very little left to take. The low-income are already being crushed under the weight of impossibility. The middle folks now starting to really feel this personally, but felt it in our community. This is the legacy of 12yrs trickle down economics. Where is it?

The Tories successfully told England that the reason why we were in recession, wasn鈥檛 cuz the rich in USA banks gambled our 拢, but because we had too many libraries or youth clubs. I am worried for all of us with these tax cuts. That only benefit the rich, AGAIN.

This is slow-hard-violence that affects at least 60% of the population. Who will have felt this. Seen this. Wondering why things look so depressed. This is a 12 yrs trickle down economics legacy. That鈥檚 before another 50 billion in tax cuts. SLOW VIOLENCE. It causes harm.

sarah smith smizz 鉁忥笍鉁忥笍鉁忥笍 銈广儫銉冦儎


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