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Sep 23

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I'd like to say congratulations to the bankers,energy companies in fact all big businesses for your amazing budget!!, I hope your all happy, finally we now have no doubt who this government is working for they should do the decent thing and change their name to ERG/CONSERVATIVES.

I'm so sorry for ordinary families who would have been waiting today with anxiety, anticipation and hope, this isn't a budget for us it's a @Conservatives budget for the rich in this country,the only mention the vunerable got was to say work more hours or we're going to cut your

Benefits,the unions protect us, their going to try and crush them, without the backing of unions they can take away more of our rights and protections ,join a union is so important you don't have to be working I joined one a couple of weeks ago it's just a few £ a month they will

Shield us from the rotten government trying to grind us into the ground,we have to unite we're on our own, we only have each other ,I know we knew that before today,but today's budget clears up any doubts, we're not alone ,we will always be stronger together,we are many!! they

Are few!!, never forget that,search for like minded people who just want a fair society for all,follow each other the more that 🗣 the more they will have to listen, they can't silence us all, children should be able to go to school ready to face the day well prepared with a

Full stomach, where they go to bed warm and feel safe in the knowledge they can expect the same tomorrow,where pensioners only worry is what to cook today, not how to cook and keep warm, where they too can go to bed feeling safe and secure knowing tomorrow they will be safe and

Warm, this is cruel, abhorrent and inhumane what this government is doing to the old poor and vunerable in this country,is this another cull?,I'm honestly left wondering,why do the @Conservatives hate the working class and vunerable so much,so many people are the backbone of this

Country why is it only the rich that are respected and shielded?.

Shame on you @Conservatives shame on you. @Thread Reader App please unroll

Jenni smith


Time for a GE!! Keir Starmer is our only hope for a decent future,no DM'S unless I like you, BE KIND! are not just words, everyone has someone.🦇 🥷

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