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Sep 23

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I will disagree with you here: 1. The next President will not struggle with petrol imports or subsidy. 2. The next President will not struggle with an approaching recession and low oil price. 3. The next President will not have to deal with Niger Delta militants blowing pipelines

Abubakar Suleiman


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The reality of the incoming president will include dangerously high youth unemployment, general insecurity, rising fiscal deficits, declining oil receipts, rising brain drain, weakened educational infrastructure, inadequate power supply and persistent inflationary pressure.

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4. The next President will not be waiting to make orders for military armaments that take years to deliver. He will be meeting a substantially armed security forces,better organized and more confident on their job. 5. The next President will be inheriting a PPI with Siemens,

most thorough and well thought out solutions to our problems. 6. The next President will inherit a rebound agricultural sector that can reduce rural/urban unemployment. 7. The next President will inherit an ongoing rail and road projects almost completed and paid for. 8. The next

President will not inherit P&ID, Ajaokuta and Global Infrastructure and possibly the Orosanye Report. 9.The next President will meet a Nigeria that is now the largest rice producer in Africa,a well developed fertilizer policy and an ongoing Wheat and Maize agenda. 10. The next

will also create his own problems and find solutions to them. Lastly, in countries where democracy is practiced, those who loose elections don’t go about hailing the winners,they go back into opposition and start looking for issues to raise against next election.

All in all, as they say in Nigeria, Problem nor dey finish😁 the next President will also have his own problems that another will inherit. Let us just have a President that seek solutions and not the one that create more. 2023 is far better than 2015.

Olusoga Owoeye


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