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Sep 23

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Here's what happened across Asia's video game industry this week 🧵 • Splatoon 3 makes a splash in China • Saudi Arabia unveils its national gaming & Esports strategy • Xbox sees growth via Series S in Asia • Pico unveils its new VR headset & more in the thread below

ICYMI: Our China Games Live Streaming Tracker showed that Splatoon 3 was popular among game live streaming platforms in China. 72% of all tips (donations) to streamers that broadcast console games last week went to those that streamed Splatoon 3.…

Daniel Ahmad


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Splatoon 3 made a splash in China despite not having an official launch there. According to our China Games Live Streaming Tracker, 46% of all streamers across DouYu, Huya and Bilibili that broadcast console games last week streamed Splatoon 3.

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Saudi Arabia announced its National Gaming and Esports Strategy which aims to make Saudi Arabia a global hub for video games by 2030. The strategy plans to create 39k jobs, contribute 50 billion riyals and produce 30+ games.…

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince has announced a plan to develop the country’s gaming and esports…

Saudi esports and gaming strategy expects to boost GDP by $13.3 bln, add 39,000 jobs | Al Arabiya...

Phil Spencer stated at the Tokyo Game Show that the Xbox brand has been growing through Asia, primarily due to strong sales of the Xbox Series S. Half of sales have gone to first time Xbox owners.…

Chinese tech firm ByteDance, known for TikTok, has announced its new Pico 4 VR headset which is set to roll out in Asia next month. The Pico 4 goes head to head with Meta (Oculus) in these markets, having previously only focused on China.…

India's government is looking into creating a regulatory body to classify real money gaming. The introduction of a regulator will create rules around real money gaming and aim to build a distinction between traditional video games and RMG.…

The final story is about a sheep themed match 3 game that went viral in China. If you would like these stories and more delivered to your inbox each week then please sign up for our Niko News weekly deliverable:

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