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Omg. Are you actually Eugene Goostman from Odessa? I was joking around about your conversation style, but this sounds just like Eugene after all! :)

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OK this weird line of questioning aside, I'm left wondering...why is asking how many legs various animals have the best way to test this? Seems like a bot on the level you are imagining, which I'm not sure exists, might be able to easily look this up.

What is your next question x45k? This is a fruitful discussion, let's continue.

I am not a bot OK? Please stop being so paranoid :-)))

OK I gotta be honest...I hadn't seen this post. I'm starting to get a little concerned here lol. You really think there's an astroturfing campaign and that people are either PR agents or bots?…

1. USRA and NASA Goddard collaborate/share resources. (Peter Jacobs was the Media Contact for this shared production from 2020). 2. Between 7/2020 and 7/2021, EHA sent $156,537 to USRA, for the purpose of "Conservation & Emerging Diseases". 3. Hmm. 🤔

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And wow guys...seriously? 😂

Since apparently being a paid shill, a PR agent or a bot can be resolved just by saying yes or no, let me assure everyone out there once and for all that yes, I'm human :-)))…

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