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How to logically decide whether to be a frontend or a backend developer:

Developing both frontend (client code) and backend (server code) of a modern application requires great skill. Deciding whether to be a front-end developer or a back-end developer boils down to which kind of problems you enjoy solving more

Problems you deal with as a front-end dev: - Rendering and positioning the views correctly - Fetching, organizing and binding data - Optimizing code for a smooth and snappy user experience - Remaining in sync with backend (or database) - Navigation & other app logic

Problems you deal with as a backend dev: - Responding to client requests by fetching, processing & sending required data - Optimizing code & the system to be able to handle heavy traffic and multiple requests - Authenticating valid requests - Tying up various cloud services

If you are more of a visual person and would rather solve the first kind of problem, go for front-end and learn: - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React => Web apps and/or - Flutter / React Native / Xamarin => Native (iOS, android, windows, Linux, mac apps)

If you would rather deal with databases, user requests, cloud services, authentication and solve the second kind of problem, go for backend, and learn: - NodeJS / Java / Go / Python / Rust (or almost any other language) - Databases (SQL, NoSQL, Blockchain)

If that doesn’t tell you much, just try both. Learn a but of frontend, a bit of backend and build a full stack project. That will take you through the real life hurdles an pains of each side, and make it easy to pick.

Or just be a fullstack engineer like me. Don’t pick sides. You’ll be able to build complete applications front to back and feel like a one man army!

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