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Sep 23

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Absolutely devastated by the Hilary Mantel news. She was one of those writers who gave me faith in literature. After I read Giving Up The Ghost, I gave it to all of my female friends - a lyrical and deeply feminist meditation on the body, and how hers let her down. Do read it.

At the risk of self-indulgence, here is an appreciation of Mantel and her historical fiction which I was lucky enough to write for @FT Weekend in 2020. Though given the range and richness of her writing, there will always be much, much more to say.…

The Booker-winning author of the Wolf Hall trilogy has made Thomas Cromwell into a character for our age…

How Hilary Mantel’s Tudor anti-hero redefined historical fiction

There's one thing I'm still angry about on Mantel's behalf. Her 2013 LRB lecture was absolutely traduced & wilfully misrepresented by the tabloids. Years later, she was still linked repeatedly to an out-of-context phrase about Kate Middleton that was in fact subtle & sympathetic

By odd timing, I touched on this in something I wrote last week about how our imagination fashions our female royals. With thanks to @Lucy Robarts-Arnold for a quote she - in honesty - gave me ages ago for another project. Press: Lucy is a go to expert on Mantel.…

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