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Tony Elumelu Foundation

Tony Elumelu Foundation

Sep 23, 2022
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“We should promote entrepreneurship on the continent. We need entrepreneurs to grow employment. We need entrepreneurship to give hope to our people. We need entrepreneurship to stop our people from crossing the Mediterranean in very harsh conditions...

We need entrepreneurship to stop extremism on our continent. We need entrepreneurship to provide security and assure prosperity for everyone.” Our Founder, Mr. Tony Elumelu delivered the keynote at the @United Nations session tagged “Driving a Social Entrepreneurship Agenda for Africa”.
As researched by @PwC, our entrepreneurs across all 54 African countries have collectively created over 400,000 direct and indirect jobs, in only a few years, and are set to do even more!
Now imagine how much prosperity we will unlock for the entire continent if we all collaboratively identify, empower and support #AfricanEntrepreneurs! Our advocacy at #TEFAtUNGA continues to be a rousing success! All for #AfricanEntrepreneurs 🎉 #EmpoweredByTEF #UNGA77
Tony Elumelu Foundation
We are the leading philanthropy empowering young African entrepreneurs across all 54 African countries. #TEF2022 #AfricanEntrepreneurs #EmpoweredbyTEF
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