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Sep 23

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gm skinnies♡〜 having coffee b4 yoga n abs, slept like 4hrs n walked fr like 90 mins—it was so nice n chilly n windy out (12°C/54°F)! gonna dive back into work after workouts, no time to lose..should make time for lunch today tho god im so rdy for this week 2 b over lol

todays yoga:

lunch: pea protein yogurt with prickly pear, pistachio, ruby chocolate, chia seeds—340kcal

i got this chocolate in July im surprised it’s keeping so well lol

noorik • yogurtgod


i’m 28—they/them (agender) • 156cm • hw: 86kg • cw: 47.3kg • gw: 38kg • bmi: 19.4

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