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7 habits to put your physique ahead of 97% of people:

Hi, I'm Chace, I've lifted for over 12 years and coached clients since 2017. The fitness industry is full of gimmicks and bullshit, I'm sick of it. I'm here to provide you with a simple, BS-free guide to building your body.

Benefits to building your body: - more energy - more confidence - improved longevity - improved discipline - improved mental health - more respect from others There are no downsides to building a great physique. Now it's time to make it happen:

1. Lift Weights A top 3% physique requires building muscle. Start pushing yourself in the gym lifting 3-5x per week. Below I will describe basic lifting plans to build an elite physique. Applying the basics consistently will get you ahead of 97% of people.

Lifting schedules/splits by day: Upper-Lower: (Upper, Lower, Rest, Upper, Lower, Rest, Rest, Repeat) PPL: (Push, Pull, Legs, Rest, Repeat) Full body: (FB, Rest, FB, Rest, FB, Rest, Rest, Repeat)

Exercises: Push(chest/tris/delts): bench, push-ups, incline bench, dips, skull crushers, lateral shoulder raises Pull(back/bis): pronated pulldowns/pullups, neutral grip rows, reverse flys, bicep curls Legs: squat, Romanian deadlift, hip thrust, leg extension, hamstring curl

Muscle building 101: - progressively increase weight/reps - train each muscle group 2x per wk - 10-20 sets per body part per week - perform lifts with great technique - train hard in the 8-20 rep range - high protein diet (habit #2) - optimize sleep (habit #3) - take creatine

2. Track Calories and Protein Nutrition is responsible for 80%+ of physique changes. Track your calories so you can optimize your nutrition for muscle gain/fat loss. If you are overweight, you'll want to create a deficit. If you are skinny, you'll want to create a surplus.

Fat loss + muscle gain daily nutrition: - 500 calorie deficit - aim to lose 1 lb per week - 1g protein per lb bodyweight or lean body mass if very overweight Muscle gain daily nutrition: - 200-400 calorie surplus - aim to gain 2 lbs per month - 1g protein per lb bodyweight

3. Quality Sleep Sleep is vital for health and workout performance/recovery. It will also help you make better food choices and stay energized all day. Aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep to make sure you aren't missing out on gains.

Sleep tips: - dark and cool sleeping environment - no screen time 1 hr before bed - same sleep/wake time daily - 15+ mins morning sunlight - warm shower before bed - solid bedtime routine

4. Get Sunlight The benefits of sunlight for health and fitness are overlooked. Most of you are missing out on them by spending 90% of your time indoors. Get outside daily to assist your goals and optimize your health.

Benefits of sunlight: - improves sleep - increases vitamin D - improves fat burning - improves hormone profile - more energy = better workouts - improved mood = better choices This is a short list of the benefits, get outside and embrace one of nature's greatest gifts.

5. Hydrate With Mineralized Water Electrolytes play a huge roll in workout performance. Many of you are deficient in them, especially in magnesium. Add magnesium chloride and quality sea salt to your water to improve your workout performance and health.

Benefits of electrolytes: - improved exercise performance - regulated blood pressure - reduced stress + anxiety - improved sleep quality - improved heart health - improved immunity - improved cognition This is a short list. Improve your electrolytes and you'll improve your life

6. Eat Nutrient-dense Foods Improving your nutrition will help your body transformation go smoothly. You'll have more energy, be in a better mood, and sleep great. These factors combined will make you feel like a superhuman and help you crush your workouts.

Nutrient-dense food list: - pasture-raised eggs - grass-fed beef - sweet potato - blueberries - avocado - salmon - sardines - shellfish - oysters - broccoli - liver Base 80-90% of your diet around these foods to optimize your health and results.

7. Cut Back on Alcohol Alcohol is okay to consume in moderation, but consuming it in excess will hold you back from achieving a great body. Cut down to 4 drinks or less per week to help improve your chances of success.

Downsides to alcohol for fitness: - empty calories - hurts sleep quality - increases estrogen levels - tanks muscle-building ability - hyperinflammatory to all cells - lowers leptin (fat burning) hormone

Building a great physique requires applying these things for YEARS. Stop wasting time thinking about what you should do and START DOING IT. From experience I know - the only thing holding you back is YOU.

The final thing I'll leave you with - this requires insane discipline. Over time, the gains will be a bit slower. The dopamine won't hit as hard. You must keep showing up to the gym and nailing your nutrition regardless. Do this and you'll be UNSTOPPABLE.

TL;DR - Habits to build a top 3% body Daily: - sunlight - hydration - nutrient-dense foods - 1g protein per lb bodyweight - calorie surplus/deficit - 7-8 hours quality sleep Weekly: - 3-5 workouts - 4 alcoholic drinks or less Overall: - Have strong discipline

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7 habits to put your physique ahead of 97% of people:

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