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Sep 23

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1/ #ThreatHunting: In a compromised network, we saw the following request in the proxy logs: www.advanced-ip-scanner[.]com/checkupdate.php?[..] This scanner is trendy among ransomware groups and has been mentioned in reports by @The DFIR Report, among others. [1] 🧵

2/ This HTTP request can now be used very well for an alert. Or better, collect and monitor all your DNS logs, because a DNS request will still go out if the Advanced IP Scanner is run without an installation (portable version). An excellent opportunity for detection.

3/ You can see the DNS request for the domain www.advanced-ip-scanner[.]com below.

4/ DFIR Tip: Inside the registry (HKCU\Software\Famatech\advanced_ip_scanner\State) we can find interesting forensic artifacts like the last scanned range. 🕵️‍♀️ Reference: [1]…

The DFIR Report


Dec 13 21View on Twitter

Diavol Ransomware ➡️Initial Access: Zip->ISO loading BazarLoader ➡️Discovery: Net, Ping, AdFind, Advanced IP Scanner, ShareFinder ➡️C2: #CobaltStrike & #BazarLoader ➡️Lateral Movement: RDP, AnyDesk ➡️Exfil: FileZilla, ufile ➡️Impact: Diavol ransomware…

In the past, threat actors have used BazarLoader to deploy Ryuk and Conti ransomware, as reported on many occasions. In this intrusion, however, a BazarLoader infection resulted in deployment of Di……

Diavol Ransomware

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