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Sep 23

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Men, if you want your son to follow in your footsteps read this:

- Realize he’s not exactly you Your son may have different interests than you. Don’t discourage these interests instead embrace them and his area where he flourishes.

- Teach him Teach him everything you wish your father would have. Teach him how to think not what to think.

- Be around for him There will be times where your son just needs to talk to you or maybe just wants to play with you. Many sons look up to their fathers and this is how you can set yourself apart.

- Trust him This doesn’t mean blindly putting bad things into his hands and trusting he will always do good but you can believe in your son. Trust him with small tasks and slowly build it up so he gets an idea of responsibility.

- Don’t give him everything Teach him to work for things he wants. Never spoil him otherwise by the time manhood comes he will have a horrible time adjusting to not having everything his way.

- Discipline him Show him right and wrong. Explain through discipline that there are consequences for bad actions. It seems harsh but your children will come to appreciate this as long as you do it in love.

- Set a good example Sons look up to their fathers. They pay attention to every move you make. Don’t let him down. Eat healthy, treat your wife right, workout, spend time with family.

- Don’t tell him show him Now this leads to lead by example. Your son may not follow your words but he will certainly step in your footsteps. Show him how to act.

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