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Sep 23

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Fathers, teach your sons these lessons and set them 10 years ahead of their peers...

1. Never take credit for your good deeds. Do anything because it's right not because of accolades. Sometimes you'll have to do something because you can and are the ONLY option.

2. Talk less, when and what is important. You get respect from your words and actions. People talk a lot but act different.

3. Keep your wins private. It's not selfish but all eyes are on you. Not everyone you meet likes the fact you're winning. Your wins will be solid some day.

4. Set high standards for yourself. Make everything about you quality; • Friends • Environment • Possessions and food Quality attracts quality.

5. Exercise for at least 1,000 days. 30 - 90 days will build momentum but not the body you desire. Do this; • Start with basics (push ups, sit ups and walks) • Improve your diet (More proteins + vitamins) • Stay consistent for 1,000 days. You'll look sexier.

6. Learn how money works. 99% of people are chasing money. Be different and understand money is created; You do this by; - Buying assets - Building business - Investing in your health - Hiring people better than you The more you create, the more you have.

7. Marry a team player. Your marriage partner determine your financial status 10 years from now. Don't marry; • Out of necessity • Your best friend/soulmate • Out of weakness or laziness Find someone who'll support and push your limits.

8. Spend time with your loved ones. To deal best with family, do this; - Set time aside along the day - Sit together for a meal/drink - Share about your day/wishes/dreams You'll bring a sense of togetherness.

9. Have a sense of humour. How you talk and relate with people should be free and fun. • Be goofy • Tell jokes • Be fun to talk to and about Note: There's a difference between being fun and looking funny.

10. Learn how to defend yourself. Self-defence is both mental and physical. • Learn how, when and who to fight • Set boundaries • Stay humble The stronger you are, the less you show.

11. Invest in comfortable sleep You don't need more hours to get enough sleep. Do this; - Spend your day active - Hydrate and exercise - Eat your fill (overeating = oversleeping) - Invest in a comfortable bed - Sleep in comfortable pyjamas or sleep naked.

12. Invest in books, courses and mentors The more you learn, the more you earn. Spend money on; - Authors - Guides - Mentors Use their knowledge to solve your problems.

13. Build connections with high value people. Success in life is about; • Who and what you know • How bad you want it • What you're doing There's no way you'll fail with; - High income skill - Aggressive consistency - High value connections

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