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Islam is basd on Koran & Sunna. Since Sunna is found in Sira & Hadith, means that 3 books contain all Islamic doctrine—the Trilogy. If it is in Trilogy (Koran, Sira, Hadith) then it is Islam. If something is not in Trilogy, it is not Islam. All Islmic doctrine is found in Trilogy

We have been taught that the Koran is the source of Islamic doctrine. However, the Koran is only 13% of the total sacred texts. Actually, the Sira and the Hadith are 87% of the total textual doctrine. Islam is 14% Allah & 86% Mohammed. This is very good news. The Koran.....

is obscure, but anyone can understand the life and sayings of Mohammed. The easy way to know Islam—know Mohammed. Anyone, absolutely anyone, can understand Mohammed and hence, Islam.

If we are to use critical thought, we must have a firm foundation. All Muslims agree that: “There is no god, but Allah and Mohammed is His messenger.” When this is repeated as a public testimony, you become a Muslim. However, this statement is not only the beginning of Islam.....

it is also the foundation and totality of Islam. It is not enough to worship Allah; you must worship as Mohammed worshipped. Who is Allah and where do we learn about Him? This question points directly to the Koran. Then the Koran, in turn, points directly to Mohammed. It says....

91 times that Mohammed is the perfect Muslim. He is the divine human prototype, the only pattern acceptable to Allah. The actions and words of Mohammed are so important that they have a special name—Sunna. We find the Sunna in two texts. The Sira is the biography of Mohammed....

and the Hadith is the collection of hadiths (small stories, traditions) about Mohammed. We have established our first criteria of knowledge. All authoritative statements about Islam must include a reference to the Trilogy to be authenticated. It does not matter what a scholar....

imam, media guru, or anyone else says, if what they say cannot be supported by the doctrine in the Trilogy, then it is not Islam. If it is supported by the Trilogy, then it is Islam.

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