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[220923] Akdong Seoul radio w/ DJ #KUN 🐻 Chinese to English Translation Highlights 🎙translation thread🎙 #KUNONAIR #AkdongSeoul #KunD #DJKun #钱锟 #쿤

~opening~ 🐻: In the same desert, some see a ground full with yellow sand while looking down, while others see a sky filled with stars while looking up. Trying to change up your perspective in life can help with finding meaning everywhere! Life is filled with beauty and hope~

Now playing “Eyes On You” by KANGTA…

KANGTA · Song · 2022…

Eyes On You

KANGTA · Song · 2022

🐻: when our attitude towards something changes, so does our mood and situation. In life, the most important is focusing on what we want and not what we don’t want

~Today’s TMI~ After going back to school, no matter if it’s day or night when OP goes out they often sweat because of how it’s too hot and humid outside. They have oily type hair/scalp, so 1-2 days after washing their hair it gets greasy again. OP hopes the humid hot weather +

+ will go away soon 🐻: I also have oily type scalp/hair so I understand your feelings. But I have short hair, so I have to wash it pretty often. When I was in Fujian it was also stuffy and humid, so I understand how you feel 🥲

2nd OP’s TMI was in korean, but kun responded in chinese 🐻: I’m very honored KunD’s voice can accompany you through so many healing nights~ Hope you’ll keep supporting in the future! ☺️

Now playing “REAL” by CRAXY…

~New KPOP w/ LaiLai~ [1st song: “2 Baddies” by NCT 127] Chuyuan said this song really showcases NCT 127’s charisma and style 🐻: honestly, just listening to this title track you can hear NCT 127’s style. When I first heard this song it was still the demo but it was so impressive!

🐻: the production team for this album was very impressive as well! There were a LOT of really strong producers 🎵: yes! Like KENZI who Kun ge really likes 🐻: yep also JUNNY, IMLAY, etc… :D

🎵: there were a lot of global producers/composers who participated in this album and studied NCT 127’s style to complete the album! Chuyuan was explaining the lyrics and how it’s about having confidence and pursuing what you like for self growth 😆

Omfg my brain is still on Thursday mode…anywhere I say Chuyuan I mean LaiLai 🤦🏻‍♀️ sorry LOL

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~New KPOP w/ LaiLai~ [1st song: “2 Baddies” by NCT 127] Chuyuan said this song really showcases NCT 127’s charisma and style 🐻: honestly, just listening to this title track you can hear NCT 127’s style. When I first heard this song it was still the demo but it was so impressive!

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🐻: There’s a lot of effects in the MV combined w/ the extravagant colors…I think the scene that had the deepest impression on me was when they were in that room w/ the flourescent lights that part was rly cool (T/N: oh…the half nekked men with body paint…I see u qian kun 👀)

LaiLai talked about the MV and choreography was really impressive and you can clearly feel the confidence radiating from them. He also talked about the bold use of colors and how if not used well it could be overpowering, but it was done well for their MV and gives +

+ a sense of technology (🐻: neo culture technology :D) LaiLai also talked about the MV featured the newest model this year and kun was like “ah yes the one that starts with P…actually they sing it in the lyrics too”

🐻: another thing that left a deep impression on me in the MV is the members’ acting! Especially Taeyong hyung’s acting. This time I watched and he had both a cool and pretty feel~ A lot of the expressions were really impressive. Seriously respect!

LaiLai said he watched DREAM’s MVs and then watched 127’s MVs and said there was a big difference concept wise and he couldn’t imagined any other unit doing this song since it fits and matches 127 so well

Now playing “2 Baddies” by NCT 127…

[2nd song: “Shutdown” by BLACKPINK] 🐻: Oh~ They came out with another new song! 🎵: yes! You mentioned “another” - this one is with the full album. Everyone really looked forward to this album

Kun talked about the classical music melody intertwined in the song and LaiLai talked about how it really fits BLACKPINK’s vibe and showcases their unique strengths/points as well

LaiLai talked about how he can’t help but think back to the black apple that’s pink inside featured in the “Pink Venom” MV and how like in “Shutdown”, the classical music elements give it a mysterious feel, but the pink they’re born with still shines through this song

LaiLai talked about how the MV references many of their old MVs as well and how he saw fans stitch them together. There’s a scene where they press “up” in the elevator which signifies as they bid farewell to their past selves, they’ll continue to the next level

Now playing “Shut Down” by BLACKPlNK…

🎵: there’s something big I have to say…during the song break when we were playing “Shut Down” our system shut down LOL 🐻: the song is too powerful 😂 🎵: we did an emergency recovery to recover our system LOL 🐻: thank goodness otherwise the recording would have been lost haha

[3rd song: “The blinding past” by DIA] LaiLai talked about how this album “Rooting for you” was released on their debut date 7 years ago and how the song “The blinding past” is a gift for the fans. LL mentioned how Ki Huihyeon participated in writing the lyrics and worked with+

+ composers as well. This is also a song to say goodbye, so it’s about how they’re going to miss their fans. This is also to commemorate their 7 years together, so the album cover features a calendar marked w/ impt events from 7 years ago. They also used clips from when +

+ they just debuted in the MV so fans can see how far they’ve come. Lailai talked about how “Rooting for you” was a gift from Huihyeon to both the members and fans talking about how the memories will always remain and how they’ll silently support each other from behind the scenes

Now playing “The blinding past” by DIA…

[4th song: “DICE” by NMIXX] 🐻: ahh I remember their debut song was titled “O.O”! LaiLai talked about how N = now, new, next and MIXX represents their style of combining two styles together (MIXX POP) which is apparent in this song. They also talked about “COOL (Your Rainbow)”+

+ and how it represents that like the 7 colors in a rainbow, you can see the unique strengths of each member in this song. 🐻: I was watching the MV just now and it is quite creative/artistic vibe…kinda with some “Alice in wonderland” elements too!

Now playing “DICE” by NMIXX…

~New KPOP News~ News 1: LaiLai talked about how girl groups are really having their era recently and mentioned how they introduced 3 gg songs alone in today’s program. LL talked about how in the top 10 on charts probably 7-8 of them are gg songs as the ones that have come out +

+ recently are all really good. Example: NewJeans, IVE, BLACKPlNK, etc. and how they represent 78% of digital sales(?) (idk if I heard that right) Kun also noted that whenever you open music streaming apps those lists are almost always filled with girl group songs

LaiLai talked about how gen 3 girl groups used a lot of girl crush concepts, but now in gen 4 there’s a lot of other different concepts as well and Kun said for a lot of the recent (gen 4) girl groups now you can immediately think of their iconic concept.

🐻: ah…today is also our last “New KPOP songs” program as well…what are your thoughts/feelings participating in this segment up until now? 🎵: ah…🥲 actually within the past year we added a segment within a segment which is “new kpop news” which was a suggestion from listeners

+ and we also got a lot of messages/submissions from them! We might not have been able to share them, but it’s not on purpose! We received everyone’s messages~ 🐻: we’re really thankful for everyone’s submissions!

🎵: I’m also really thankful for KunD 🥹 🐻: ahh no no~ 🎵: sometimes when I’m anxious I’ll speak really quickly and when I’m hyped I’ll talk for too long, but our KunD can always control and wrap up the timing

🐻: ah this is through experience as well! When I first started DJ-ing/hosting, PD jiejie always had to remind me on the script every day how many minutes I should spend on things, but now I can time it myself pretty accurately haha

🐻: I’m really so thankful for LaiLai as well because every week’s “New Kpop” program content prepared is very elaborate it almost sounds like you released the songs yourself! I’m thankful you worked so hard to prepare the program

🎵: ah…regarding the script I had a small argument with Guozhen haha. He was like “is it worth spending so much time preparing this??” but after being a masters student I have…a problem which is if I don’t thoroughly research and write out something it’ll feel unfinished and +

+ I will be anxious when I come here hahah 🐻: ahh just like you said before - LaiLai mentioned he’s a more introverted person, but after coming to the radio station we’ve had more opportunities to talk. You said your parents watch the broadcast often too right?

🎵: that’s right! Haha 🐻: I think we’ve really helped each other grow 🎵: right I think I’ve/we’ve really grown a lot 🐻: and through LaiLai’s introductions, I’ve met/found out about sunbaes and hoobaes so I’m really thankful for LaiLai

🎵: our PD jiejie and writer jiejies work really hard too, sometimes when the script is late they’ll- (lailai started laughing while speaking so idk what he said). Honestly including the intro script and questions…although sometimes we complain that they’re quite strange +

+ it’s really not easy to write! They have to do it for 5 days with different questions 🐻: Caoli jie has to make her own questions for Wednesdays too 😂 🎵: They also edit it rly well so sometimes when I listen to my parts in the pre-recordings it’s like wow that’s perfect

🐻: Sometimes I’ll stumble over my korean, but I when I listen to the pre-recording I’m like “dang my korean is great” bc they edited it 😂 🎵: I asked them how they do it and they said they have their methods to maintain the rhythm of the language lol 🐻: it’s super impressive!

🐻: in any case, we’ll have a special program next week and we’ll probably invite all our akseo guest DJs, so hope all our listeners will tune in and watch as well! (T/N: oh…🥲 ok I think this pretty much…confirms kunra ending next week…😭)

🐻: I’m sure we’ll have lots of chances to meet again in the future, so don’t feel sad! 🎵: actually…we have another program next Friday LOL it’s not “New KPOP” but a special topic which is reading submissions about “most profound/impressionable stories with akdong seoul”

🐻: that’s right! Anything to do with akdong seoul really. It can be most memorable, most iconic submissions, unforgettable programs, etc. Not only viewable but the recorded ones as well!

🎵: I heard lots of listeners made friends through akseo as well so I’m looking fwd to those stories as well! 🐻: alrighty see you next Friday! :D

🐻: our program is nearing the end today, so wishing everyone a happy weekend! Lastly we’ll play NCT 127’s “Gold Dust”. See you next week~ bye bye! ~broadcast end~ Now playing “Gold Dust” by NCT 127…

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