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how to consistently study everyday ↺ / ♡ are highly appreciated! ꒰ #studytips #studytwt

note: I do this sometimes when I want to do my tasks quickly. not everything I put here can be done by the readers, so enjoy! 🫶 (ps: tamad ako minsan kaya kakaunti lang nalagay kong tips TT)

— make sure to organize ur study table or prepare ur study area. it's better and more motivating to study when your study area is organized. there's nothing wrong with whatever table you use or it's not aesthetically pleasing. remember, we are studying.

— make to-do list. it's one of the things I do when it comes to studying. happy to feel like you're not panicking about what to do next after you've finished doing.

— Minimise distractions and overcome procrastination. mas kailangan natin ito. if possible, power off your phone first or put your gadgets in a far place where they won't disturb you. second, let's not study while the surroundings are noisy (it's hard, you study hard so when ++

you have time, tell or talk to them to weaken their voices first)

third, please avoid procastination. let's just say that you are lazy but make learning a game, not just like a toy. It looks like you have consequences if you don't do the work on times, then when you've done that and it's good, make a way or give yourself a gift. ++

basta wag tayong mag pagpapaliban ! 🤗

after studying, go for a walk, make yourself a coffee, do some basic workouts, listen to music or take a break. we don't need to always continue the hardships in life, we stan a girlboss queen! please don't be hard on yourself :)

that's all, thank you for reading these tips. I gotta sleep first, I'm so tired TT



i want the best and i get it.

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