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Jealousy is a poison. Stop it before it destroys you: *thread*

Jealousy will squeeze your heart and damage your soul. No one enjoys the feeling of jealousy, yet it can feel unshakeable. Jealousy can cloud our minds and influence our decisions. Here are the causes of jealousy and how to control those emotions:

The first aspect of understanding your jealousy is to understand that it is all about you. No one can do things to stir your emotions unless you let them. Becoming jealous, therefore, is a choice, not a response.

You do not necessarily choose to be jealous, but you choose to allow certain acts or situations to make you jealous. You allow these things to make you jealous because of your own insecurities.

You may have low self-esteem or low self-confidence. You may be overly possessive of things or people. You may just be lonely, and wish others gave you more attention. Or, you may have trust issues. All of which can stir up envious emotions.

Regardless, they are all about you rather than what others do to you. In order to curb these emotions you must accept that they are yours, and yours alone. You cannot fix what you do not have control of, and thankfully you have control of yourself.

So, in order to be the solution, you have to accept that it all starts with you. Take a deep breath... Now, let's find some solutions

1: Recognize the Source Realize what makes you jealous. Until you find the source, there can be no solutions.

2. Talk it out Either talk with the person directly that impacts your jealousy, or talk with a trusted friend. Staying in your own mind can lead you down a dark path. Talk with someone to gain a different perspective.

3. Look Deeper Is your jealousy all on the surface? Or is there something more to it? Certain situations may trigger you while the root cause are an entirely different set of issues. Issues that you bury deep within you because you do not want to admit their impact on you.

You must be honest with yourself about the tension you hold. Look within yourself to see if there is something more to your struggles. If your wounds are deep a small band-aid will not heal your pain.

4. Change your Perspective Is there more to the story that you are missing or ignoring? It is important to look at issues from all angles. Your perspective may be jaded, and not understanding of others. Consider that you may be wrong.

5. Be Grateful So often your jealousy stems from wanting what others have. But you forget what you already have. Look at the life and the people around you. Understand that there may be others who are jealous of you.

Never let the success or relationships of others bring you down. There is no need to compare yourself to others, because there is no one like you. You are uniquely beautiful and you must always remember that.

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