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my theory on what i-LOVE will be like and how this ties directly with my thread on the 1950's sex symbols, freedom etc. since they called it "the x-love SHOW" i believe they'll be playing puppets. specifically the dolls from tomboy. hinting at women being controlled to +

act, look or be a certain type of way. kind of trapping them in a box and telling them who to be to appear perfect to other people. pulling all the strings for them because society believes a woman should be a certain type of way, leading to a very noticeable double standard +

when it comes to women. this also could be directly linked to how marilyn monroe had multiple things about her that she wanted to share with the world. instead of just selling that she was this "pretty dumb blonde woman". she was smart, loved to read & wanted to tell the world +

but the world didnt want to hear her, theyve already decided what she is. i believe this also could be a tribute to soojin. not only did she love and idolize monroe so much, also bc even though she defended herself, no one wanted to hear her side of her story +

theyve already decided that shes the "villain" making the audience the puppet master. deciding what she is instead of hearing her. this could be of how society viewed women to only be sex objects in the 1950's. like dolls & puppets. giving big famous women a title +

that doesn't showase her abilities, but her being desirable. such as being a "sex symbol". another persona i think is directly linked is betty boop. not only is she also a sex symbol but the cover art of i-LOVE has the same design as her dress. +

flappers are direct responses to the negligence of women empowerment and degrading women. flappers embraced themselves and their femininity even if it was taboo. idle have hinted at this being incorporated from their 'nobody' cover where they're wearing flapper type attire. +

check out my first part of this thread!!…

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i have a theory about what idles next comeback will be like. i think theyre about to dive more into the jazz genre and mix it up with radio music like how it sounded back in the 1800's or so. when flappers were trending, soyeon talked about smoking cigarettes and going towards -

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