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Denis Zakharov


Sep 23

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1) OK, I had a good sleep and finally can tell what happened. There was a protest on Wednesday. I had some hopes.

2) Did I fool myself into thinking that it's gonna be because people are suddenly concerned of genocide? No. But at this point I don't care of the motivation - we just need to stop this shit, one way or another.

3) This "mobilization" thing affected each and every person. I thought that now people might stand and defend at least themselves. That is not what happened.

4) We had about 1500 people on Arbat and 500 units of OMON and police (that's subjective). To all the people who tell "why are their cars not burnt" I have the answer. 1500 unarmed nonames are simply not enough for that. They are scared and have no fighting experience.

Denis Zakharov


Putin should leave. Probably this realm.

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