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CSS Backgrounds Visual Explanation. Complete Guide: Thread:šŸ§µ

šŸ‘‰ CSSĀ Backgrounds TheĀ `background-color` property specifies the background color of an element.

šŸ‘‰ CSS background-image TheĀ `background-image`Ā property specifies an image to use as the background of an element.

šŸ‘‰ CSSĀ Background Image Repeat By default, theĀ `background-image` property repeats an image both horizontally and vertically. Showing the background image only once is also specified by theĀ `background-repeat` Ā property:

šŸ‘‰ CSSĀ background-repeatĀ Property

šŸ‘‰ CSSĀ background-attachmentĀ Property TheĀ `background-attachment` property specifies whether the background image should scroll or be fixed (will not scroll with the rest of the page): CSSĀ background-attachmentĀ PropertyšŸ‘‡

Example of fixed šŸ‘‡

Example of scroll šŸ‘‡

CSSĀ background-positionĀ Property šŸ‘‰ TheĀ `background-position` property sets the starting position of a background image. Note:- By default, aĀ [background-image`is placed at the top-left corner of an element and repeated both vertically and horizontally.

Property Values of background-positionšŸ‘‡

Example of position centeršŸ‘‡

Example based on horizontal and vertical positionšŸ‘‡

Example of right centeršŸ‘‡

CSSĀ background-sizeĀ Property šŸ‘‡ TheĀ `background-size`Ā property specifies the size of the background images.

Example of length propertyšŸ‘‡

We can also use two images in background. ExamplešŸ‘‡

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