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7 harsh truths men need to know if they want to get jacked:

1) Genetics play a crucial role I’ll start with one that cuts deep. Unless your genetics are in the top 1%… You won’t end up looking like 99% of the fitness influencers you see online. This isn’t a diss to you at all. Let me explain...

Think about the countless fitness influencers who create content. Who are the ones who stand out the most from all the rest? The ones with the most noticeable physiques to show off. You’ll only achieve that look with genetics (or steroids). Don’t obsess about your body image.

2) Most people edit The ones who don’t have superior genetics and have a massive following? You can bet they’re always editing their photos before they post them. All of these things affect how a picture turns out:

• Darker lines around abs • Using shadowed lighting • Using sharpness to enhance tone • Boosting contrast for depth There are many more subtle editing techniques. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t look like your favorite fitness guru (yet).

3) Body type Guys, if you’re a natural lifter, you’ll need to sacrifice something. You’re going to have to stay at a higher body fat percentage if you want to be big. Clothes on, you’ll look jacked. Clothes off, you’ll look softer and not as toned.

If you want to look shredded, you’re going to have to lower that level. The reverse is true: Clothes off, you’ll look ripped. Clothes on, people won’t notice much of a difference between you and others.

4) Sharp diminishing returns Muscle growth is not linear. Achieving your ideal physique is a marathon, not a sprint. Each additional pound of muscle you gain will be comparatively harder than the previous pound.

In the first year, you’ll see a big change in your body. You’ll put on about 50% of the muscle mass you’ll be able to put on. Each year you continue to build, it’ll slow down by about half. Don’t worry - it’s your body reaching its natural limit. Just have patience.

5) Most supplements are garbage Yep. Sorry, but it’s true. The marketing from supplement companies is exceptional. But it’s mostly hot crap - and I don’t want you falling into their trap.

The two most important supplements are multi-vitamins and creatine. The thing is... many companies don’t even formulate those properly. Do your own research instead of listening to influencers.

6) It’s never enough You’ll never be satisfied with your body. Every one of us is guilty of this. We always want to be a little bigger, a little more toned, or a little more shredded. Focus on the progress you’re making instead of the perfect ideal body you’ll never attain.

7) Good physique isn’t everything Your fitness improves your health, happiness, and satisfaction. But most people think fitness itself is the only thing that matters. Not all women will drool over you. Not all dudes will worship you. You’ll still be you. Just bigger.

Don’t forget to focus on: • Being in nature • Self-improvement • Doing meaningful work • Helping your community • Having a meaningful relationship These are equally important contributors to your well-being.

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Here's what some men inside the program have accomplished:

7 harsh truths men need to know if they want to get jacked: 1) Genetics matter 2) Many influencers aren’t natural 3) You need to sacrifice 4) Muscle growth is not linear 5) Most supplements are garbage 6) You’ll never be satisfied with your body 7) Good physique isn’t everything



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7 harsh truths men need to know if they want to get jacked:

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