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Sep 23, 2022
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Annual Report Highlights No : 9 #SupremeIndustries FY 22 Annual Report Highlights Like & Retweet for better reach !

Supreme Industries is one of the leading plastic products manufacturing company in India was established 8 decade ago. The Company is operating from 25 manufacturing sites across 12 States and Union Territories. The
Company’s active Channels Partners strength increased to 4053 Nos in March 2022 The company operates in various product categories viz. Plastic Piping System, Cross Laminated Films & Products, Protective Packaging Products, Industrial Moulded Components, Moulded
Furniture, Storage & Material Handling Products, Performance Packaging Films and Composite LPG Cylinders.
FY 22 Highlights Industry Updates Covid second wave impacted company’s business in 1 st quarter which is generally the best quarter for Supreme. Thereafter, Polymer Prices saw continuous uptrend, putting pressure on Margins.
Company maintains positive outlook for coming years with softening PVC prices and improved covid situation. The Company’s active Channels Partners strength increased to 4053 Nos in March 2022.
Financials Revenue: 7840.51 crores (% Growth) Volume: 393908 MT ( % growth) Exports: US$ 29.11 Million (as against US$ 18.35 million) EBITDA: 1309.89 crore (Growth) EBITDA Margin: 16.7% (down from 20.5% in FY 21 Operating Cash Flow: 470 crores (Cash flow in FY 21 was 1246 crores)
Plastic Piping System Revenue: 5045.99 (YoY growth of 23.1%) EBITDA: 783.88 (Degrowth of 4.5%) The Division’s Value-Added Products sale was 41.89% compared to 39.27% in the previous year. Agri business was affected because of covid in the month of April and May. Since Agri
Demand is seasonal, loss couldn’t be recovered, which led to de-growth in volumes. PVC prices were in uptrend for majority of the year which led to degrowth. The Company incurred a Capex of R 132.26 crores in the year under review in its various
plants to build higher capacities and increased range The Company has planned to start the production of HDPE Pipes at three more new locations and all are expected to be in place during FY 22-23.
The Company plans to add manufacturing of Water Tanks at three more locations during FY 22-23. The Company also launched Premium range of Water Tanks branded as “Weather Shield. The Company had raw material availability problem, for CPVC, from its only source viz.
Kaneka, Japan on account of one of its plants having been shut down. The plant has restarted production. Company also tied up with other sources to get increased volume of CPVC resins. Supreme added 338 products in Plastic Piping system range.
The Company has started manufacturing variety of Specialized Valves such as Butterfly Valves, Swing Check Valves, Ball type non-return Valve etc.. These Valves have been designed for different applications like Industrial, Agriculture and Plumbing segments.
The Company has commenced the manufacturing at Jadcherla, Telangana The Company plans to start three new manufacturing units at new locations viz. Guwahati (Assam), Cuttack (Odisha) and Perundurai (Tamil Nadu) for Plastic Pipes, Hoses, Water Tanks, Septic Tanks etc.
Consumer Products Revenue: 405.09 (YoY growth of 14.3%) EBITDA: 54.07 (Degrowth of 9.3%) The prices of PP increased by almost 20% from October 2021 onwards, adversely affecting the demand of furniture in the second half. Revenue: 11% growth Volume: 6% decline
The Company is now focusing on creating large retail showrooms for displaying plastic furniture. Company opened 22 such showrooms in Eastern India in 21-22. The Company introduced 12 New models during the year of various furniture items
comprising of chairs, tables, cupboards & baby furniture. Industrial Products Revenue: 1023.67 (YoY growth of 34.5%) EBITDA: 85.26 (YoY growth of 34.3%)
Industrial Components The year was marked by huge supply chain issues due to shortage of imported material because of shipping and logistics issues, non-availability of containers, shortage of semi-
conductors etc. Supply chain was also affected by rising commodity and fuel prices during the year. There was marked shift in Customer Preferences in the market in Washer segment, from Semi-Automatic to Fully Automatic Machines. This shift adversely affected the Company as it
has considerable presence in Semi-Automatic Washer parts
Material Handling Material handling division’s (MHD) industrial crates range grew 32% in revenue and 15% in volume terms. With expansion in Capacities for Electric Vehicles, many companies are also encouraged by
Union Govt. incentives, new activities and new launches, will drive demand for MHD’s Industrial Crate Roto Pallets which are regular in demand especially by Pharma and Foods have posted excellent results and grown by 50% in revenue and over 27% in volume terms.
The Company is expanding the roto moulding Pallets and other products infrastructure at its Jadcherla (Telangana) Unit to cater to the demand of customers based at southern states. Dairy segment grew by 90% in value and 60% in volume. E-commerce grew by 50% in volume.
Due to two successive hurricanes in Coastal areas there has been serious disruption in Fisheries sector and overall market for crates shrunk last year.
Composite Cylinder All technical issues of the past have been satisfactorily resolved and division has not received any customer complaint during the year under review. The Company has received Letter of Intent (LOI) for supply of 7,35,186 Nos of 10 Kg. capacity
Composite LPG Cylinders valuing about Rs 170 Crores from Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) The Company has taken effective steps to install a new plant in the same premises to double the capacity and is likely be operational by November, 2022, which will enable the Company
to make around 1 Million Nos per year. Packaging Products Revenue: 1210.11 (YoY growth of 16.9%) EBITDA: 100.91 (Degrowth of 19%)
Packaging Films The Performance Films Division has recorded 22% growth in Volume and about 49% growth in Value. The Total sale achieved was 9514 MT as against 7801 MT in the corresponding previous year.
Protective Packaging Protective Packaging division recorded 30% growth by value and 7% growth in volume Due to high volatility of raw material prices, the division was unable to pass on the burden of increased raw material prices fully to its customers impacting
Operating Profit Margins of the division. The Company developed range of new products for Decathlon for their India market Retail Sales.
Cross Laminated Film The Business of Cross Laminated Film & Products suffered a de-growth of 18.36% in volume terms During the year the division has successfully carried out expansion of its capacity from 27000 TPA to 30000 TPA which is fully operational since March, 2022.
Capex Company has incurred Capital Expenditure (capex) of R 259 crores, during the year under review The entire capex has been incurred towards ramping up the capacities in plastic piping system, introduction of new products in various business segments, automation and
replacing some old production equipment with new technology machines. Company has also incurred capex for increasing captive generation capacity of solar energy apart from balancing equipment at various locations.
The entire capex has been funded through internal accruals only. The Company has plans to commit capex of about Rs 700 Crores including carry forward commitments of R 280 Crs.
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