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Sep 23

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100 days to January 1st 2023. 100% focus on these and you'll be unrecognizable next year...

1. Develop a routine. Sleep at 9:00 PM and be awake at 4:00 AM.

2. Let people know how you feel. You'll get respected by everyone around you.

3. Befriend nature, walk 10,000 step per day to improve your blood flow and burn calories.

4. 97% of what you drink should be water. 3 litres per day is enough.

5. Spend 100 minutes of your day alone to read and write. Great mind are built in silence.

6. Commit to learn a skill that will help you add extra source of income.

7. Fix your diet. Don't complicate it, eat 3 eggs,more steak and fruits

8. Reduce screen time to 4 hours a day. You'll find peace off screen.

9. Stop chasing cheap dopamine. Prioritize what's important over pleasure.

10. Get 20 minutes of direct sun daily to improve health of your skin.

11. 75% of your diet should be protein. Eat enough to gain weight and build muscle.

12. Set 4 hours a day doing focused work. Turn off notifications or any distractions when working.

13. Commit to 100 pushups immediately after bed. Build your chest, arms and Improved posture.

14. Take 10 minutes breaks and move around to boost your focus 5x better during deep work.

15. Open businesses, invest in courses and you'll make more money even in your sleep.

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