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How to make a woman want to sleep with you. A thread on psychology:

Women are attracted to men who are bigger and stronger than them. This can lead to pain and harm… Or it can lead to protection and security. This uncertainty causes fear or excitement.

Fear is the uncertainty of a situation with the expectation of a negative outcome. Excitement is the uncertainty of a situation with the expectation of a positive outcome. The anticipation of uncertain situations makes a woman aroused.

A woman never knows what she’s getting into with a man at first. So they put up their defenses from the start. How do we get them to lower those defenses? By shifting their feelings from fear to excitement. Here are the 3 types of fear a woman can experience:

1) Fear of pain She will worry about you hurting her. This could be emotionally or physically. If she wants you to stop doing something, will you actually stop?

2) Fear of image What if she’s being duped? What if you’re actually a loser? What if she’s gotten involved with a fake character?

3) Fear of pregnancy What if you get her pregnant? Worse still, what if you do that and leave her without taking responsibility?

When you can ease those fears… She’ll relax and go along with the sexual thoughts in her mind. We have to work to lower those defenses before we can ever think about a woman getting into bed with us.

We do that by showing her she can trust us to: • Not hurt her • Not trick her • Not get her pregnant and abandon her

Remember, the flip side of fear is excitement. And what creates excitement? Unpredictability. What makes unpredictability fascinating? Confidence.

You need to come across as the guy who can rock her world when you get down to it. Work on your: • Status • Posture • Eye contact • Social reputation • Choice of language You can get any woman to lower her guard when you’ve mastered confidence.

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How to make a woman want to sleep with you. A thread on psychology:

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