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Sep 23, 2022
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Balming Tiger mentioned Namjoon and Hobi in their interview. Please note that parts related to only Namjoon and Hobi will be translated. Unsinkable: I arranged Mudd's and RM's parts. Mudd's part makes use of his mischievousness, and RM's parts didn't require me to touch upon+



\ COLUMN / Balming Tiger(バーミングタイガー)とは? BTS・RMフィーチャリング 「SEXY NUKIM」で話題の彼らへインタビュー @Balming Tiger #THEFIRSTTIMES ▼続きを読む
it at all, so I just arranged small details like the arrangement of audio and putting in effects. BTS' RM appearance was made possible due to an old friend. San Yawn the leader of Balming Tiger and RM went for a Korean (Buddhist) templestay together, and RM attended+
a rock fest where Balming Tiger performed . One can see these interactions on SNS but it all began with an old friend of San Yawn. Omega Sapien: Till now, we have never featured anyone in a Balming Tiger song, but while making 'SEXY NUKIM' we felt there was something missing+
so we decided to bring in a featuring artist for the first time. When San Yawn suggested RM as one of the choices we were like 'no no it has to be someone more realistic' (laughs) . San Yawn and BTS producer Supreme Boi are college classmates and+
when he(SY) proposed the idea (to RM) through Supreme Boi, RM readily agreed! We were really surprised as well! San Yawn: I'm very thankful. I met RM for the first time when filming the MV and my first impression of him was really good.+
He's very humble, flexible/relaxed and also cool. He listened to the direction given by the members well so I respected him. So through this work I became good friends with RM+
Omega Sapien:  During RM's filming we were in the middle of our European tour so I asked the director of the MV, Pennacky how was it like to film with RM, so Pennacky said RM's really a wonderful artist, humble and sincere, and was actively involved in the filming of the MV!+
I think Koreans and foreigners have different observations/perspectives on Korea. I thought, that this work, especially with RM's participation in it will have more opportunities for it to be seen by people from overseas +
and so Pennacky, a foreigner (t/n: Pennacky is Japanese) filmed the MV in Korea through the same perspective as that of people from overseas. +
The 'SEXY NUKIM' reaction video features an array of artists including BTS' J-Hope. Lee Suho: I shot the MVs for 'More' and 'Arson' for J-Hope' first solo album. When I first received the offer to film the MVs I wondered why did he come to me?+
Because I hadn't shot any idol-like MVs till then. But when we talked we realised our visions were similar so we decided to work together. On the filming set J-Hope was enthusiastic about everything so it made me wonder, how he is such a big star and yet such a nice person+
He took care of the staff as well so as a director I have nothing but gratitude for him.
Because of this connection I requested him to appear in our reaction video and he gladly accepted it
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