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Beth Moore


Sep 23

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We gotta deal with our stuff. If we don’t want to repeat the same cycle and do the same things to others that have been done to us, we’ve gotta seriously deal. We won’t just naturally turn out differently. Be brave. Let God go to the deep with you, to what’s broken. Seek therapy.

I’m watching a pattern repeat itself into a 3rd generation of part of my extended family. Each generation has hated/blamed/cursed their parent(s) for it & sworn never to repeat it but those who haven’t done the deep, deliberate, long work of healing & transformation are doing it

(and here’s the kicker) but cannot see it in themselves. Assume—don’t just wonder but assume—you are carrying on some version of the same personal and relational destruction that was prevalent in your foundational life. Just go ahead and assume it and courageously seek help.

Do the work of healing. We will not be different by accident. We will not break those family cycles without pouring sweat.

Beth Moore


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