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7 websites so useful, they will save you hundreds of hours of your life ( or take my money )

1. ScribeHow • Turn on the Scribe recorder, do your work, then turn off the recording. • Scribe generates a how-to guide that includes screenshots, directions, and clicks. • Use it to make your course, cheatsheet and sell. 🔗

2. Growth Design • How big tech companies use design to sell more. • Learn the Psychology of words. • How to write cold emails that land jobs. 🔗

3. Pitch • Excellent replacement of Powerpoint and way more powerful • From pitch decks to project plans, this website gives teams space to share all the work that matters • Create a deck with advanced design options & data integration 🔗

4. 12ft Ladder • Bypass any article that is behind a paywall. • Just Paste URL into 12ft ladder and gain access. • Excellent for research purposes. 🔗

5. Unhook • Take Control of your Youtube algorithm. • Block suggestion feeds, comments, and more. • Don't go down the rabbit hole and focus on what matters instead. 🔗

6. Pexels • Royalty-free images & videos shared by top creators. • Download videos to level up your content 🔗

7. Glasp • If you're always losing your notes this one is for you. • Make notes and underline important parts of websites. • Save it for later and even share it with everyone. 🔗

TL: DR 7 must know no code websites for solopreneurs 1. Pitch 2. Glasp 3. Pexels 4. Unhook 5. 12ft Ladder 6. ScribeHow 7. Growth Design

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