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OH MY F***ING GOD! @Sophy Ridge: But these tax cuts will mainly benefit millionaires. Mark Littlewood: "You're not going to like this package if you care more about the poor." @Mark Littlewood = director of the pro-Brexit IEA think-tank. (funding?)

DUUUUUDE! You said the quiet bit out loud!!! You're not supposed to say the quiet bit out loud!!! @Mark Littlewood

And now Mark Littlewood has blocked me. Excuse me while I resuscitate myself from the shock. @Mark Littlewood

Can this be a reminder that these politicians and journalists don't block me because *I* cross the line. They block me because THEY cross the line and I tell everyone about it.



Femi Oluwole 🇬🇧Law grad ''Do-Gooder'' Writer for @Independent Media enquiries: (DM me to be sure)

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