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Matt Walsh travels to Africa to ask local villagers about transgenderism and if their notions of gender are as fluid as in the West. He asks the Maasai Tribe. What they tell Matt is different from many of the “experts”.

"There are things a woman can do that a man cannot, and things men can do that women cannot, hence, we have been created equally but different to ‘supplement’ each other by being what the other is not" ~ Maasai Tribe Elder

The translator himself found some questions too dumb to translate."if you want to become a lady but you are a man, you have something wrong with you ..something wrong with your family." ~ Maasai

One of the Maasai elders asked the translator in Maasai language "is this guy insane or what?" They were clearly holding back laughter out of kindness. As soon as Matt left they told all their friends back home and laughed at the outside world.

This is the first time Matt looks so afraid not to offend people! And as someone from Africa, I can assure you that they were thinking what the hell is wrong with this man.

Before the translator could finish the last question, the whole crowd was laughing. It is as if Matt proved to the Maasai tribe that the outside world is crazy.

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