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Sep 23

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Cold shower every morning will shape your life forever

When I say cold showers, I mean cold water, that is, showers with a water temperature below 70°F (20°C) Most people prefer a hot shower because it feels good and more relaxing. However, High temperature is not suitable for skin Here are reasons why you should take a cold shower

1. Improve blood circulation To maintain your body temperature, your heart has to increase blood circulation in order to bring energy to the whole body. That can be really invigorating as that allows more oxygen and energy to be brought to your cells.

2. Better muscle recovery But the increased blood circulation also has an impressive impact on your muscles’ ability to recover from a workout. By bringing more energy and macros to your muscle cells, the blood will allow them to recover faster.

3. May Improve Sperm Health Ever hear that men should avoid saunas, hot tubs, and excessive cycling because it heats the testes too much? Cold immersion can help lower the scrotal temperature, leading to improvements in the production of sperm and testosterone

4. Stronger immune system Regularly being exposed to cold water can significantly boost your immune system. Compared to those having hot showers, the people having cold showers have a lower chance to fall ill on average.

5. Faster metabolism Firstly, forcing your body to produce heat will make you burn more calories on an everyday basis. Cold water will activate your brown fat cells, which are specialized in turning calories into heat. It will help you in losing weight.

6. Enhanced Skin and Hair Health Cold shower habit can help reduce skin dryness, inflammation, and itching. Resisting the urge to crank the heat up when you shower can prevent skin and hair from losing lots of moisture and appearing irritated or dull.

7. Lifted Mood and Confidence By overcoming your fear of being uncomfortable and facing acute stress head-on(in the form of the freezing cold), you can learn to better handle the physiological symptoms that your body experiences when you’re stressed or scared.

8. Reduce Stress Along with increasing your adaptation to stressful situations, they will lower levels of uric acid, and boost levels of Glutathione in your blood – making you less stressed in general.

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