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Sep 23, 2022
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How to optimize brain performance. Or how I went from being unable to concentrate for 1 minute (literally) to pulling off 3-6 hour flow work sessions and cured my ADD. Big thread to finish the week strong. Is this OK?

Let's start with the basics. Our brain and CNS need a few specific things from nutrients to enviromental factors in order to function properly. When we don’t provide them to our body, then symptoms like the ones of ADD are a normal reaction to this.
Studies have shown for example (check link) that a lack of B12 literally destroys our brains and adderall ain’t going to fix a B12 deficiency obviously. So a few of the things that are non negotiable for proper brain and CNS function are the following :…
#1 B vitamins Every single one of them is important. Personal recommendations are beef liver, brewer’s yeast and targeted thiamine and niacin supplementation for a month for niacin and 2 for thiamine. Just make sure to always consume B vitamins with carbs.
#2 Sleep Sleep is so important for our brains that insomnia leads to psychosis very fast. It's no wonder that someone's brain performance is suboptimal if his sleep is not on point. Here’s 12 steps to get proper sleep.…
#3 Sunlight/red light Most people today overexpose themselves to blue light without enough red light. This obviously will lead to CNS problems and the best ways to prevent it is to spend as much time outside as possible and blocking blue light.…
Just make sure your diet has enough zinc, vitamin C, saturated fats, magnesium and cholesterol in it in order to safely expose yourself to the sun. #4 Choline Another crucial nutrient. Without choline our brain rottens. So slonk/eat 1-3 raw yolks daily.…
#5 Magnesium A key mineral for our CNS in which most people are deficient in. If you don’t have gut issues, cacao can be a good source of magnesium. If you have or you’re afraid of oxalates, stick to quality salts, some supps and also swim in the ocean as often as you can.
Study about magnesium and ADHD*…
#6 Zinc Many many studies has shown that 60-80% of people who get characterized as ADHD/ADD have a zinc deficiency. The best way to fix a zinc deficiency is oysters and mussel if you can find quality ones.…
On an interesting note, salmon roe can have tremendous effects for the brain also and you should try to include it in your diet 1-2 times a month. Moving on to stress hormones.
ADD symptoms and messed up stress hormones are one and the same most of the time and most adults who experience ADD/ADHD have some short of adrenal fatigue. Step 1: Get on vitamin C. The ascorbic acid debate has been busting our balls for way too long.
Get on a vitamin C supplement that isn’t filled with artificial sweeteners, gums and dyes for 2 weeks. You’ll not die and if you were megadosing seed oils, it will help undo some of the damage also.…
Step 2:Don't abuse coffee, never have coffee on an empty stomach and start adding coconut oil to it. The best thing you should do if you legit have ADD though, is to quit coffee overall. Taurine is more effective for metabolic health than caffeine.
Here are some alternatives to coffee. #1 Rooibos tea Do not let the hippies have the monopoly on this tea. It is very nice with some raw milk, honey and cinnamon. Try it. Most brands are good. I drink this one.
#2 Kusmi Tea supremacy The only brand I personally drink. My recommendations have some caffeine in them but it’s a very small amount. Recommendation 1: Earl Grey Intense Recommendation 2: Tchai of the tiger (this one has animools on it too) The brand hampstead is good too.
Step 3: Do not fast for at least 3-4 months and take BIG breaks during your workouts. Have some fruit and eggs for breakfast and stick to 1.5 minute rest periods for isolation movements and 3-7 minute rest periods for compound movements.
It is also important to a) not over train and b)not overstimulate your mind during your workouts. This means that an: Upper Rest Lower Rest Full body Rest Rest split might be ideal if you’re struggling with ADD.
Step 4: Consume good quality saturated fats daily. Our brain is â…“ + made out of fat. Consume: 1.Coconut oil 2.Raw dairy 3.Cocoa butter 4.Sardines 5.Raw dog salmon 6.Grass fed butter/ghee 7. Free range eggs 8. Fatty cuts of meat. 9. EVOO
Step 5: Stop overstimulating your brain. If you watch p0rn, play video games and wonder why you got ADD.... Do a nice dopamine fast daily for 1-2 hours. Just go for a walk.
Our mind is not meant to consume new information all day. It needs time to process everything we give it. If we give our minds more than they can process , they actually becomes sick. Note: A small prison time is also good for dopamine fasting.
Step 6: NAC It is best though to cycle NAC in a 1 day on 1 day off manner. ner to improve adrenal fatigue. It is best though to cycle NAC in a 1 day on 1 day off manner.
Now the last things that are worth mentioning is that a) a TON of people who suffer from ADD/ADHD have a potassium deficiency. Find the most climate friendly option food source you can and add it on your diet.
And b) a fu ck ton have shown heavy metal excess in their systems. ALA and zeolites are your best bet for this (start with ALA) and obviously treat them very carefully.
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How to optimize brain performance. Or how I went from being unable to concentrate for 1 minute (literally) to pulling off 3-6 hour flow work sessions and cured my ADD. Big thread to finish the week strong. Is this OK?


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