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Sep 23, 2022
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Mullah, Masjid, Madrasa: If not controlled harmony is just a dream! By Khalid Umar Translation : Sripriya Thousand year old Islamic Madrassas should be deactivated completely. Religious harmony and peace that Modi thinks will prevail in India only if there is one nation and one

education policy. Public education policy should bring secular education policy before public civil law. 3,60,000 children are still studying in 3000 Madrasas that started in Delhi in the 1700s. Not only their education but their mentality is lagging. How many lakhs of students
are there in 600,000 Madrasas across the country at this stage! It is not possible to develop India with these people. What is that being taught there? Madrasa is a full school of religious teaching. Quran, Hadith, Sharia, Jihad history is the lesson. Hating other religions,
preaching image worshipping Hindus that Kafirs should be destroyed, establishing Islamic govt in India through jihad is what India is taught in Pakistan Madrasas. Students develop with outcome superstition, fear, hatred, fake honor. Madrasas cannot be changed anymore.
Should be removed as a whole. That's what is good for the country. The UPA government without realizing this has implemented SPQEM scheme for providing quality education in madarsas. Religious teaching also science, mathematics, history, geology, Hindi, English etc. Even today,
the scheme is active in 21,000 Madrasas in 18 states. It cost 1138 crores so far. U. 8584 Madrasas 18,27,566 children in P alone. Isn't this supreme stupidity? Congress's scheme is a waste of time and money. Because Islamic fundamentalist education cannot be changed without
secularism for human greatness. Why? Islamic education and new education don't agree. Quran says that the world is flat for example, the sun sets in a pond. Will the children who believe it accept the scientific concept that the world is round and the earth will revolve around
the sun? What can we teach about unity and peace to children who read that those who worship image will go to hell? What Modi needs to do immediately 1. Government should decide from teachers to curriculum by nationalizing and registering Madrasas. Financial budget of Madrasas
should be monitored. The new educational scheme should be trained. Should be a school for all not based on religion. 2. Mosques should be monitored through CCTV. We should not forget that every riot and protest in India is only after Friday prayer. Shouldn't India be the second
country where China and Egypt are monitoring the mosques? If Mullah, Masjid, Madrasa are not controlled, peace, unity, harmony are all just a dream in India!
Dr MouthMatters

Dr MouthMatters

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