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96% of customers said they'd abandon a biz due to bad service. This fact costs businesses millions every year. Here's the 6-step system my team uses to keep our customers happy for good:

With any business, customers are bound to have issues/need help. How you respond can make or break your company's success. This is how my team handles requests:

1. Follow up with their query as fast as possible. Longer wait times = lower satisfaction.

2. Offer to schedule a call. 90% of businesses avoid calls at all costs. This differentiates you— And allows you to understand the problem better.

3. Send a video training. If you have one for their specific issue, great. If not, make a custom training for them.

4. Follow up to confirm resolution. After every action has been taken— Confirm the issue's been solved.

5. Start being proactive. Ask if there's anything else you can help with. This is a small action, but it goes a long way.

6. Be enthusiastic. In a day where customer service is at an all-time low— Being excited to help comes as a breath of fresh air.

That's a wrap! These "tactics" have helped my team a ton. I hope they prove helpful to you :)

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