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Sep 23

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🤩 We're thrilled to announce that #Metaverse Report 2022 authored by #BullPerks & @GamesPad co-founders @Eran E and @Constantin have been covered by #TechBullion! ℹ️ @TechBullion is a big #FinTech & #blockchain media with more than 250K monthly readers!

🔗 Check the article here: We owe this success to the experts among our contributors 🧵👇: 💠 @Yat Siu (Co-Founder of @Animoca Brands) 💠 @A.Bahadır Yener 💎 (Founder of @MetaWear®) 💠 Wahid Chammas (Chairman of @Faith Tribe)

  Road Town / British Virgin Islands – A metaverse industry report 2022 by GamesPad takes an informative look at emerging business opportunities presented by the metaverse. “The metaverse is a...

The Future of Business in the Metaverse: Research Report 2022 by GamesPad

💠 Travis Wu (Co-Founder of @Highstreet) 💠 Brian Hazan (Co-Founder of @The HUSL) 💠 Philip Devine (Co-Founder of @CryptoBlades Kingdoms) 💠 @Gal Yosef (3D Artist) 💠 @Warren Parker-Mills (CEO of @Meta Fashion Club & Member of Advisory Board at @Metaverse Fashion Council)

💠 @Anastasia Drinevskaya (CEO of @Cointelegraph Communications) 💠 @MIMS (American Rapper, Co-Founder of @Cre8tor.App Mobile Studio) 💠 @Dr. Eathan Keyboards, @JK, @Josh Kriger(Co-Founders of @Edge of NFT 🎙 podcast, Edge of Company, @NFT | LA) 💠 @Gary Ongko (CEO and Founder of @BOOM Esports)

💠 @Dana Kachan (CMO at #GamesPad & @BullPerks) 💠 @Petrix Barbosa (Co-Founder of @MoonBoots) And more!



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