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Sep 23

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This is what the hand of Mykhailo Dianov, the defender of Mariupol, looks like. Recently, his photos were everywhere, and only now the hero showed the consequences of being in Russian captivity. Mykhailo's injured hand did not grow back — it is missing 4 cm of bone. 🔽🔽🔽

And this is the head of the Mariupol patrol police Mykhailo Vershinin. Before the Russian captivity and after. And these are only two examples out of thousands. Many prisoners in general were tortured and killed immediately, without even leaving them alive

And this is a Russian occupant. Which was exchanged for our soldiers. He complains after the exchange that he was "mocked, not fed, tortured." Do you see the difference? In what conditions do we keep prisoners of war? And what do Russian fascists do to our Ukrainian soldiers?

I don't even list all the violations of the Geneva Convention by the Russian occupiers: a video where they cut off the genitals of captured soldiers, mock, kill. Or like in Olenivka, they undermine the building where Ukrainian prisoners are located to hide their crimes.

This nation is incorrigible. Liar and murderers. In this video, a Russian captured soldier says: "There is no Nazism in Ukraine. You don't have to go here to fight, etc." As soon as he was returned to Russia: "There is Nazism in Ukraine. We'll have to fight again"…

Igor Kyivskyi


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The Russians left their wounded "co-servant" while fleeing. Our soldiers with the Armed Forces of Ukraine provided him with medical care. Everything you need to know about Russian soldiers. As they say: We don't leave our own.

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