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Sep 23

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1/ This is a highly significant find. Yuan Zhiming, the CCP official in charge of the Wuhan lab and its "bio-safety" is a close friend of James Le Duc, a Fauci associate who is in charge of the NIH's Galveston lab in Texas, which is where Wuhan lab staff were trained.

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Disclosed in 2013 email that the senior Chinese Communist Party official in charge at the Wuhan Institute of Virology is Zhi-ming Yuan.… Confirmed w/ researchers at the National U of Singapore. CCP missing from Yuan Zhiming bio:…

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2/ Before the pandemic even reached the US, Le Duc emailed his CCP friend on Feb 9, 2020 to privately ask for an off the record “Investigation into the possibility that the Covid outbreak was the result of a release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology” (Le Duc's words not mine).

3/ Le Duc asked very specific questions: -When did the Wuhan lab first start handling coronaviruses? -Where are coronavirus stocks stored? -Where did it get its coronaviruses from? -Did the lab conduct gain of function experiments that may have resulted in the creation of Covid?

4/ Le Duc advised his friend the CCP official that: “if there are weaknesses in your program, now is the time to admit them and get them corrected...I trust that you will take my suggestions in the spirit of one friend trying to help another during a very difficult time.”

5/ Le Duc later complained to an EcoHealth operative that Yuan never replied. Le Duc knew all along where the virus came from. He knew the Wuhan lab since 1986 and even worked there. He knew their staff and was friends with their CCP director. And he covered it all up for Fauci.

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