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Sep 23

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Sigh, there are so few opportunities to wear our "No Race Mixers" tank-tops nowadays. 33-year-old David Fassler of Fort Thomas. KY paired it with a "SS" baseball cap at the Unite the Right rally, a casual & comfortable look that still says "racist Nazi shitbag." #ignitetheright

Nazi Dave Fassler at the Unite the RIght Rally wearing a "No Race Mixers" tank top.

Waving hello! What a friendly guy! Hi Dave! 1/9

Dave Fassler went country club casual for the previous evening's torchlit terror march, opting for a sporty black polo with the same SS cap. 2/9

Dave Fassler sported a RAHOWA shirt with same SS lid at the April 2017 Nazi rally in Pikeville, KY. RAHOWA is short for Racial Holy War, in case you were wondering. 3/9

Whoops, there it is! Hello again Dave! 4/9

Dave Fassler has a lot of t-shirt options when attending Nazi rallies. 5/9

Welcome to Wignat Cribs, this is where the magic happens! Ladies, this divorced dad of two is single last time we checked! 6/9

Lots of time for romance, Dave Fassler only gets the kids on the weekends. 7/9

Unfortunately, he brings them here. 8/9

Hitler poster hanging in Dave Fassler's house
Ku Klux Klan flag hanging in Dave Fassler's house
Dave Fassler Discord post showing an array of guns on his floor.
Nazi Flag hanging in Dave Fassler's house

You can read more about Nazi Dave Fassler and his side hustle as white nationalist rapper Wig Nasty here:… 9/9

Anonymous Comrade Replicant


Brothers, Sisters, We STILL Don't Need this Fascist Groove Thing! Citizen journalist. No More Heroes. Nazi Punks Fuck Off

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