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#BREAKING: Police in the United Kingdom have arrested a 17-year-old suspected of hacking Rockstar Games and leaking data associated with Grand Theft Auto 6.

UPDATE: BBC News reporting 17-year-old arrested in connection with hacking incident, but isn't allowed to report on the specifics of the incident. Source says it's connected to the hack on Rockstar Games and possibly Uber Technologies. $UBER

The National Cyber Crime Unit detained a 17-year-old from Oxfordshire on Thursday evening.

Oxfordshire teen arrested in police hacking investigation

UPDATE: The 17-year-old hacking suspect was arrested in Oxfordshire and is believed to be connected to a group identifying itself as "Lapsus$," a group that organizes primarily via Telegram channels.

UPDATE: @City of London Police confirm 17-year-old arrested over hacking incident; source says the crime is related to intrusion on Rockstar Games and possibly Uber Technologies.… $UBER

City of London Police


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On the evening of Thursday 22 September 2022, the City of London Police arrested a 17-year-old in Oxfordshire on suspicion of hacking, as part of an investigation supported by the @National Crime Agency (NCA)’s National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU). He remains in police custody.

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UPDATE: Arrest of 17-year-old by police in the United Kingdom over hack of Rockstar and possibly Uber was done in concert with an investigation conducted by the FBI, according to a source with knowledge of the matter.

UPDATE: Police expected to give more details on arrest of 17-year-old Rockstar Games hacker later today, possible statement coming from the FBI later this morning/afternoon.

(FYI, I have not worked for Reuters since 2013 — the same year Grand Theft Auto V came out. Only mentioning this because people are attributing me as a Reuters reporter in some write-ups on the arrest.)

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