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Arjav Dave

Arjav Dave

Sep 23, 2022
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A thread 🧵 After working on VS Code for Angular, Node, .NET it feels like 🤮🤮 working on XCode for iOS. Even after 10 years why are development tools for mobile so utterly disgusting and slow? Find my frustrations below #VSCode #XCode #iOS #Android

1. A ducking FAT IDE: Each version update of XCode is 12GB. If that is not enough a free space of more than 40GB is required to install XCode.
2. Indexing: When XCode is booted up it consumes a LOOOTTTT of processing for indexing files. It almost always makes anything unusable while indexing. Ya, ya, turn off indexing. But, then why provide in the first place if it is so faulty.
3. So laggy: Booting up simulators are too slow :( Even with a 16GB RAM and a 2.8GHz i7 processor it's sh*t. It lags so much when a breakpoint is being hit. Even after it's hit it takes a lot of time populating the watch variables!
4. Hard to test: You can't test certain functionalities if you don't have a developer account (e.g. push notifications). Setting a developer account with DUNS number can easily take a week or maybe 15 days. Till then work on other stuff.
5. Review Process: Sometimes, it is so frustrating when an app rejection comes. If the app was approved the first time, why will they reject for subsequent releases with just a typo fix? Get ready to face their automated results and wait for a few months without resolution.
6. Deployment: In addition to the above point, what if you have uploaded a build with some critical bug? The only option is to upload a new build and wait for their review process to complete. You can't even revert to older versions!!! WHY?
If you share the same frustrations or have solutions please tweeply. People coming from backend & frontend development will be able to connect more with my frustrations compared to mobile developers.
You can automate the deployment to the App Store via CI/CD pipelines which honestly is quite a relief. Checkout this article on how setup CI CD for iOS.…
Arjav Dave

Arjav Dave

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