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Sep 23

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I've been following along with everything that's been going on at @Yeshiva University / Yeshiva University these past few weeks and even though my doctoral program is not in the same realm as these events, I've decided I can no longer be a student there.

I have spent the rest of the week in deep contemplation and, no matter how I try and find possible reconciliation, I cannot separate YU’s official response to the situation from everything else. I have had such a wonderful experience in the school of education, but:

I cannot be associated with an institution that has turned its back on a segment of the Jewish community as Yeshiva University officially has.

I know that much of this rests on a manner of halachic interpretation, and it is in that interpretation that I am most hurt.

Though President Berman has said publicly that the University supports LGBTQ people, he also said that treating LGBTQ students equally to other students with university recognition and support isn’t “consistent with Torah values.”

I have been publicly - and comfortably - open and honest about being both gay and observant for over 20 years now, and much of my professional career has been specifically dedicated to working to make Jewish spaces and institutions safer for LGBTQ families and children.

I cannot, in good conscience, reman associated with a university which seeks to undo so much of my past work.

The Azrieli faculty and dean (the school of education) have created an incredibly welcoming and compassionate environment, and if they were independent I would stay in the program without a second thought. Thy have been exemplary leaders and teachers.

But no matter how wonderful my individual school is, the reality is that @Yeshiva University / Yeshiva University has made being against treating LGBTQ students equally into an official policy position, and that is far beyond anything acceptable.

Robbie Medwed


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