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Sep 23, 2022
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Here's 10 random Chelsea facts that you may or may not know! 🤨 A thread: ⤵️

1. Chelsea (and Arsenal) were the first British clubs to wear shirt numbers. 👕
2. Chelsea have the longest unbeaten run at home in English top flight - 86 matches. 🏟
3. Chelsea once played a Premier League game wearing the opposition's away shirt. 🤨
4. Chelsea once played in the Arctic Circle. ❄️
5. Fernando Torres is the only player ever to score in seven different competitions in a season at Chelsea. 🧮
6. Chelsea’s mascot costume, Stamford the Lion, was stolen from Stamford Bridge in 2005. 🦁
7. Chelsea beat Bristol City 9-0 in the Women’s Super League in 2020, with nine different scorers. 😵
8. Chelsea are the only team in London with a European Cup. 🏆
9. Chelsea were the first team to win the FA Cup at the new Wembley Stadium, and the last to win it at the old Wembley Stadium. 🏟
10. Chelsea won the Champions League on 19/05. The year we were established. It was meant to be! 😁
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